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Xhtml Issue

Just learned today the xhtml does not support target in strict mode. I know I am behind the times in getting this info but it really annoyed me. I haven’t uncovered why it is not supported but it seems ridiculous to lose features. And, yes, I know you can use javascript or extend the DTDXhtml Issue See the full project…

Learning Ajax

I have just start using Adobe’s spry framework for Ajax. On my portfolio page, I have implemented an XML dataset with fade in and out effects as you move through each site. For Vincafe, I am using an html dataset for recipes but no cool effects.

Why have a website?

Many new clients approach me by stating that the first thing their new clients, patients or customers ask is “where is your website?” The question implies that a website is now an expected and essential part of every business. Without a website, a business is just not complete.