Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design selected the Avada theme for this project. She  provided custom design using  Avada as a base. Kool Kat Web Designs then built a child theme to handle the custom features.


Basta Boatlifts wanted to sell lifts as well as parts accessories on their website.  While  lifts are presented as a products, only parts and accessories can actually be purchased online.  To handle this, all of the boat lifts, seaplane lifts and PWC lifts were set up as external products.  Instead of a  “buy” button, customers see a contact button which allows them to start the purchase process for the lift.

The lift product pages include custom tabs where customers can see specifications, features and accessories for that particular lift. A product scroller at the bottom helps customers navigate among the lifts.

Basta Boatlifts

Boat Lift

Lift Product Scroller

Lift Product Scroller


International Customers

While products are only sold online in the United States, other customers may purchase buy contacting Basta Boatlifts.  To make the site friendly for international customers, the site uses GTranslate to provide information in several languages.  It also shows lift specifications in Imperial or Metric measurements depending on the country selected.

Basta Boatlifts - French

Boat Lift with French Translation and Metric Specifications