Caching, of course, is a great way to speed up your website. It keeps your browser from having to download static images and files.  WordPress has several great caching plugins available.

Websites hosted on SiteGround can take advantage of that host’s caching system known  as the “Super Cacher”.

Pace Staffing is hosted on SiteGround with the Super Cacher installed. My client notified me that their jobs board had stopped working. Since Pace is a job placement service, a non-working jobs board is a very big deal!

I took a look at the dashboard area and noticed that WP Rocket had been installed and activated. Since WP Rocket is a caching plugin, I suspected a conflict.  Removing the WP Rocket plugin fixed the issue for Pace and the jobs board was working again

So, whatever caching plugin you select, only use one and may sure it does not cause a conflict with anything else.