Enfold is a very popular premium WordPress theme with over 200,000 installs. The theme ships with many options, a builder and demos. Despite all of this, there are often requirements for enhancements that go beyond what the theme delivers.

As a Seattle real estate company, Van Wyck and Porter wants to emphasize properties for sale and the neighborhoods for those properties. To accomplish this, the Van Wyck and Porter needs a way to allow site visitors to view properties by neighborhood and view an interactive site plan for specific properties.

Dropdown Property Filters

Enfold ships with portfolio items which is used to display properties on the Van Wyck and Porter site. It also has filters which allow the portfolio items or properties to be displayed by category as in this picture from the one of the Enfold demos:

Enfold Demo portfolio filters

While the filters work, Van Wyck and Porter prefered dropdowns so they could have two options. Plus, the number of neighborhoods would make a list long and messy.

Van Wyck and Porter property filters

Converting the list of filters to a dropdown requires coding knowledge since HTML, CSS and JavaScript must be modified.

Interactive Sitemap

Seeing how a property looks and being able to review the layout is very important to customers looking to purchase a property. Using SVG for the site map allows the customer to see floor plans for various units. In addition, each floor plan includes the ability to view different floors by clicking one of the “select a floor” buttons. Customers can also download the overall site map as well as the floor plan for each unit.

Van Wyck and Porter site map.

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