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Ivy Law Group

Ivy Law Group

Ivy Law Group, PLLC had an old website that was not mobile friendly. In addition, the site lacked a content management system (CMS) that would allow Ivy Law Group to manage blog posts and other updates.  By using the Underscores starter WordPress theme along with Bootstrap for resposniveness,  Ivy Law Group got the needed CMS along with an updated look and feel. The colors and logo from the original site were kept.

The Tiny City

The Tiny City consists of a main site that leads to an 5 sub-sites showcasing photos and information about the featured miniature city. Photos may be purchased on the shop page.

The concept behind The Tiny City is to create and find good homes for images of an imagined miniature city. The Tiny City displays, sells and ships framed and unframed photos of the city.

Each Tiny City site is part of The Tiny City circle of websites.

Boston DBT Groups

Boston DBT Groups

Renee Hoekstra, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Massachusetts. She wanted to highlight her growing practice but had an outdated website that she felt was not sufficiently professional.

Renee started the redesign process with a new logo. Kool Kat Web Designs then developed a new site incorporating the look and feel of the logo along with a new color scheme. The new site is mobile friendly as well as providing a professional image.

Martinka Consulting

Martinka Consulting

John Martinka’s website was designed and developed several years ago to promote his consulting business. While the site served him well for during this period, it was time for an update to a mobile responsive site. Most of the design elements were kept but the layout modified to allow the site to be easily viewed on phones as tablets as well as computers. To accomplish this, the theme was rebuilt using Underscores as a starter theme. Bootstrap provides the foundation for the responsive layout.

In addition to the layout changes, small icons were replaced with icon fonts and an old social media plugin was replaced a responsive one. Two testimonials display randomly on the home page and are animated with CSS.

Dental Professionals - Responsive View

Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals had several goals in mind in seeking to revamp their website. The company wanted dental offices to be able to submit jobs and potential employees to register with Dental Professionals and apply for those jobs. Of course, Dental Professionals wanted to be able to edit and approve the jobs that would appear on their site.

Kool Kat Web Designs selected the WP Job Manager plugin to manage the posting of jobs. The plugin is light weight and easy to customize. We were able to change to layout, add custom fields and create links to forms where potential employees could apply for jobs.

Dental Professionals also wanted a simple layout that would work on phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. To this end, we chose to build a child theme based on the Responsive Theme from CyberChimps. Kool Kat Web Designs incorporated a custom logo and designed the child theme to have a more modern look than the original responsive theme.

Hall Spassov Gallery

Hall Spassov Gallery

The Hall Spassov Gallery had a custom theme designed by Horsepower Design a few years ago. Although the site was aesthetically pleasing, it was not mobile responsive. The lack of mobile responsiveness prompted the gallery owners to seek an update.

In updating the site, the same look and feel was kept. Only the layout changed to allow the site to be better viewed on a variety of screen sizes. To accomplish this, the theme was rebuilt using Underscores as a starter theme. Bootstrap provides the foundation for the responsive layout.

Cornforth Images

Cornforth Images

Cornforth Images, designed by Horsepower Design, is a custom WordPress theme featuring a WooCommerce shopping cart that was tailored to meet the photographer’s needs. The jQuery Isotope plugin is used to display the shop’s categories.

Spectacular nature and wildlife photography prints, stock images for licensing, and photography tours by award winning photographer Jon Cornforth. Prints are available for purchase and licensing on the site.

What Clients Say

Merrill has been fantastic to work with. She responds in timely manner, is detail oriented, and delivers as promised. I’ve had many questions about building and configuring my website. Her patience and clear explanations have made working with her easy and enjoyable. She’s readily available and accommodating, especially in my times of need. I feel fortunate to have found such a great web developer. I highly recommend her!


Merrill has been a huge asset to our company, building our new website. She been great to work with and is extremely fast and affordable. My business partner and I are extremely demanding and Merrill never failed to perform. I would recommend her to anyone in need of website work, new or existing. Shawn at www.duiser.com

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