Marina Music

Marina Music

Marina Music sells jazz sheet music for Big Band, Vocals with Big Bands and Small Ensemble Charts. However, the website for this unique and successful business was beginning to look at bit dated. Plus, the store was run on a no-longer supported e-commerce platform, Jigoshop. Clearly, this put the store in a rather precarious position.

Marina Music Original Homepage

Marina Music Original Homepage

Andrea Herrick  provided an updated layout and colors for the site including new call to action boxes.  The  Marina Music website retains the general look and feel of the original site including branding and the rotating banners.  The site now incorporates a responsive layout, allowing customers to shop on their mobile devices.

Marina Music New Homepage

Marina Music New Homepage

Since this site was already on WordPress and WooCommerce was initially a fork of Jigoshop, we decided a conversion from JigoShop to WooCommerce was the best approach. The project was launched on a staging site and then moved to the live site when it was completed. We used Cart2Cart shopping cart migration service for the initial port to WooCommerce. The migration worked almost flawlessly!  The categories acquired new IDs in the process leading to a few coding changes but this was a very minor issue.

Once the shopping cart migration was complete, the next step was to replace all the Jigoshop actions and filters with similar code from WooCommerce.  For example, we needed to make sure that customers knew which items had sample audio files and, of course, we would need the ability to play them.

Marina Music Original Category Page

Marina Music Original Category Page


The client wanted to remove some of the widgets from the sidebar as part of the redesign and some elements were rearranged.

Marina Music New Category Page

Marina Music New Category Page




Strategic Living Website

Strategic Living

Strategic Living had an old, difficult to maintain site.  The company needed an update to attract clients as well as enable the site owner to make updates.

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design provided the design which was them built into a new website.

Gerrard Beattie & Knapp (GBK)

Gerrard Beattie & Knapp

The Gerrard Beattie & Knapp (GBK) website was designed to showcase the realtor’s properties. It is meant to be a landing site, highlighting the individual brokers as well as the amazing properties.

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design provided the graphic design for a customized look and feel.  Once the design mockups were available, I created a custom theme and plugins to handle to unique features.


Dental Professionals Website

Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals had several goals in mind in seeking to revamp their website. The company wanted dental offices to be able to submit jobs and potential employees to register with Dental Professionals and apply for those jobs. Of course, Dental Professionals wanted to be able to edit and approve the jobs that would appear on their site.

Kool Kat Web Designs selected the WP Job Manager plugin to manage the posting of jobs. The plugin is light weight and easy to customize. We were able to change to layout, add custom fields and create links to forms where potential employees could apply for jobs.

When the company was sold the new owners wanted redesign the website with new branding and a contemporary look. As seen below, the site had started to look dated.

Dental Professionals Website Old Design

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design provided a fresh design and helped restructure the site.

Chaffey Building Group

Chaffey Building Group

Chaffey Building Group had a slow website that did not fully present the builder’s experience and capabilities.

Chaffey Building Group Old Site

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design provided the graphic design for a customized look and feel.  Once the design mockups were available, I created a custom theme and plugins to handle to unique features.

The client needed an easy way to handle properties whether they were still in the process of being built, available for sale or already sold.  They did not like having to use a page builder and doing the layout themselves as was the case with their old site. To accommodate this, I built a custom post type for properties. The post type includes two (2) taxonomies; one for property status (coming soon, available and sold) and another for location.  Within each custom post, I set up ACF PRO to provide the  property details. The client only has to fill in the information while the theme and plugin handle the formatting.

Chaffey Building Group New Site




Basta Boat Lifts website

Basta Boatlifts


Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design selected the Avada theme for this project. She  provided custom design using  Avada as a base. Kool Kat Web Designs then built a child theme to handle the custom features.


Basta Boatlifts wanted to sell lifts as well as parts accessories on their website.  While  lifts are presented as a products, only parts and accessories can actually be purchased online.  To handle this, all of the boat lifts, seaplane lifts and PWC lifts were set up as external products.  Instead of a  “buy” button, customers see a contact button which allows them to start the purchase process for the lift.

The lift product pages include custom tabs where customers can see specifications, features and accessories for that particular lift. A product scroller at the bottom helps customers navigate among the lifts.

Basta Boatlifts

Boat Lift

Lift Product Scroller

Lift Product Scroller


International Customers

While products are only sold online in the United States, other customers may purchase buy contacting Basta Boatlifts.  To make the site friendly for international customers, the site uses GTranslate to provide information in several languages.  It also shows lift specifications in Imperial or Metric measurements depending on the country selected.

Basta Boatlifts - French

Boat Lift with French Translation and Metric Specifications



Family Centered Coaching Website

Family-Centered Coaching

The Prosperity Agenda approached FuseIQ with the problem of how to present their vision for a family-centered coaching project.  The goal was to enable future coaches to both train and get information by navigating a series of guides or by reviewing tools.

I contracted with FuseIQ to implement the guides and tools on a WordPress platform.  The previous development group created a usable design failed to deliver on the navigational goals.  The original home page can be seen below.  The sections below the top content had not been completed.

Following the guidelines presented by FuseIQ, I built a custom post type with two taxonomies: Guides and Guide Type

Coaching Toolkit structure

The coaching toolkit structure provides the classification or taxonomy for  guides and guide types.  Guides are subjects such as “Developing a Practice of Coaching” or “Building a Coaching Team”.  Guides may have sub-categories creating a whole hierarchy of subjects. A guide type represents the type of information contained in a coaching toolkit.  In this case, a guide type is either a tool or an article.  An article is exactly what it sound like..descriptive material.  A tools, on the other hand, is a downloadable PDFs.  Articles are only navigated  via the guides but tools use both guides and a separate tools navigation.

Once the structure for guides and guide types was completed, the home page section could be filled in with the needed information.

Family-centered Coaching Home Page



Image National Signs

Image National Signs

Image National had an old website built on ExpressionEngine that looked dated and was difficult to maintain.  It did not represent the types of signs the company creates or the industries they serve.  The site also lacked visuals that could draw potential clients to Image National.

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design selected the Infinite theme as a starting point for the new site development. She then provided the graphic design for a customized look and feel using the theme as a base. Once the design mock-ups were available, I created a child theme to handle to custom features and styling.

The result is a unique site that fully displays the depth and breath of Image National’s offerings.


Cornforth Images Website

Cornforth Images

Cornforth Images was originally launched in 2012.  It was a custom WordPress theme featuring a WooCommerce shopping cart that was tailored to meet the photographer’s needs. The jQuery Isotope plugin was used to display the shop’s categories.Horsepower Design created graphic design for the site.

The site’s unique layout emphasizing the photos was feature in the WooCommerce Blog.

Cornforth Images Category Layout

Cornforth Images Category Layout


However, as time went on, some of the cart customizations began to cause issues during updates. Plus, the site layout was not responsive so it was difficult to use on a mobile device.

Moving forward, we wanted to keep some of the unique features of the site such as the category layout and the ability to view the main image as it might look in a home, hotel, office or restaurant.

RK&A Website


The RK&A website represents a rebranding of the original website. The old site had a dated look and feel and was not mobile friendly. home page

Andrea Herrick of Herrick Design selected the Infinite theme as a starting point for the new site development. She then provided the graphic design for a customized look and feel using the theme as a base. Andrea also created a new logo as part of the rebranding effort. Once the design mock-ups were available, I created a child theme to handle to custom features.

After we started planning for the site we got a surprise from the client. While we knew that the site was based on custom PHP with a database for a back-end, we were surprised to learn the the client area of the site was maintained via phpmyadmin. This meant that RK&A went into phpmyadmin to manage their list of clients. Custom code pulled items from the database and presented it on the website. So, we had to plan how we would integrate clients into the new website. client list page

Client List Page client detail page

Client Detail Page

At first, I thought of just pulling in the data from an exported CSV file but that proved quite messy as it was full of HTML code and would be a difficult fit with the theme. And I really wanted to create a solution that fit in with the Infinite theme structure.

The infinite theme incorporates a page builder to aid with layout. It also has two plugins to handle custom post types for portfolios and personnel. In keeping with this concept, I built a client custom post and added the appropriate page builder layout. The new custom post also includes a taxonomy so we can pull the clients into the correct pages.

RK&A Client Add/Edit Area

RK&A Client Add/Edit Area

You can see the clients pages and front-end implementation at

Along with the the re-branding and custom client area, we also migrated a blog and integrated it with the rest of the site.



FlatBike is a custom WordPress theme using WooCommerce as the website storefront. This responsive theme allows site visitors purchase bikes on phones, tablets and computers. The full-size performance bicycles available on the site collapse easily into a car trunk.

The original graphic design for this site is by  Horsepower Design.

Site Strategy

The Flatbike site was launched in 2015 with a unique, single page design for the home page and products. Clicking the small thumbnails dynamically loaded the individual product details.
Flatbike Single Page Website Layout

While the single page design was unique, as the site grew and more products were added, it became a bit cumbersome to navigate through the thumbnails. Sometimes customers became confused by this style of navigation which is way less than ideal if you are trying to sell something! Plus, the site owner wanted to focus more on the problems that a CHANGE bike could solve for the consumer. At this point a site redesign was in order.

Flatbike Home Page

Flatbike 611 Rugged Hybrid

The redesigned site has the added advantage of being more SEO friendly with the separate product URLs. The updates also include more videos so customers can see the bikes in action and the ability to gain from other customer’s experience via integration with Trustpilot.


Washington Wine Industry Foundation

Washington Wine Industry Foundation

Washington Wine Industry Foundation is a custom WordPress theme featuring the foundation’s work and scholarship opportunities.  The new website replaces an outdated static site with a responsive layout that looks great on multiple device types and screen sizes.  Graphic design for this site is by Gravity,

West Seattle Junction

West Seattle Junction, designed by Horsepower Design, is a custom WordPress theme. This responsive theme allows site visitors a view of the information on phones, tablets and computers. Icons are retina-enabled to look sharp on high resolution devices.

The West Seattle Junction serves as a neighborhood business directory, providing information and location of eateries, shopping and services

Cowen Partners

Cowen Partners

Cowen Partners needed a new website for their national executive search and consulting business. They selected the Dynamic wordpress theme because it emphasized finance and consulting. To accommodate Cowen Partner’s branding, a child theme was built with a custom styles and a few custom templates.

Cowen Partners is a results driven and Client focused recruiting company, offering an industry leading 365 day replacement guarantee.