The Prosperity Agenda approached FuseIQ with the problem of how to present their vision for a family-centered coaching project.  The goal was to enable future coaches to both train and get information by navigating a series of guides or by reviewing tools.

I contracted with FuseIQ to implement the guides and tools on a WordPress platform.  The previous development group created a usable design failed to deliver on the navigational goals.  The original home page can be seen below.  The sections below the top content had not been completed.

Following the guidelines presented by FuseIQ, I built a custom post type with two taxonomies: Guides and Guide Type

Coaching Toolkit structure

The coaching toolkit structure provides the classification or taxonomy for  guides and guide types.  Guides are subjects such as “Developing a Practice of Coaching” or “Building a Coaching Team”.  Guides may have sub-categories creating a whole hierarchy of subjects. A guide type represents the type of information contained in a coaching toolkit.  In this case, a guide type is either a tool or an article.  An article is exactly what it sound like..descriptive material.  A tools, on the other hand, is a downloadable PDFs.  Articles are only navigated  via the guides but tools use both guides and a separate tools navigation.

Once the structure for guides and guide types was completed, the home page section could be filled in with the needed information.

Family-centered Coaching Home Page