The workshop calendar had very old PHP/MySQL driven backend that required the site owner to use phpMyAdmin to edit the listings.  The website was not responsive making it difficult to view on a mobile device.

Original Site

the WorkShop calendar original site

Updating the Site

A first iteration to revamp the site did not work out for a number of reasons.  First, the developer did not have a plan to import the several thousand listings on the database.  Second, the site owner was told the listings would only appear after clicking a month in the sidebar.  Finally, only the basic WordPress search was included in the site without the ability to search by keyword or speakers.

First Redesign

the WorkShop Calendar first redesign.

Finished Site

Once Kool Kat Web Designs took over the project, completing the site meant exporting the old MySQL data into WordPress.  This was accomplished by using WP All Import Pro along with the ACF add-on to import the CSV file exported from the original database.  ACF pro was used for custom fields such as speakers and locations.   A plugin to handle the custom post type listings or workshops was developed by Kool Kat Web Designs.  As a result, the site could now include the upcoming Workshops in the main area of the site and allow site visitors to search for their areas of interest.