I started using the Stackable Plugin in the early stages of the WordPress Block editor. The plugin contains many blocks but I only needed the container plugin for my development needs. I selected this container plugin as the Group block did not yet exist. While the block does work as a container, my experience with it has been frustrating.

In the first iteration of the block that I tried, there were many instance where !important was used in the CSS stylesheet. This made the styles somewhat difficult to override. I forced my child theme stylesheet to load after the Stackable one which helped solve the problem.

As the plugin went through its development cycle, there were features added and many styling changes. This often resulted in my need to go back and update settings or styles for the container. In the latest update, I had to change my code as the handle for the stackable stylesheet had changed. I initially panicked when saw my client’s website load without styles! Once I figured out what had happened and the site was styled, I noticed that all off the padding for the containers had disappeared. This last issue was the result of a change within the container block.

Of course, plugins must evolve and add new features. However, a little thought for the developers who rely on plugins would be most helpful.

I would not use the Stackable block container in another project. Instead, I would just use the Group block which seems much more reliable.