Recently, I have re-done a website that had used WebYep as a CMS. While I don’t know enough about WebYep to fully discuss its advantages and disadvantages, I had noticed a few things. First, WebYep positions itself as the affordable CMS for small to medium sized websites. This is nice but WordPress is free! Our new site, Rotary District 5030 is built on WordPress.
Secondly, it states that no database is required. This is because WebYep stores everything in flat files, and, unfortunately many of them. In the system I converted, there was a members only area that required user names and passwords. This, too, was stored in a flat file where all of this information could be read. Now, I will admit the information was not of the most sensitive type, but not planning for storing passwords properly shows that WebYep is really not the correct tool.
So, question your web developer about the tools that will be used on your website.