In selecting a web host for your WordPress site, it can be tempting to select one with the lowest price. However, this can lead to problems over time.

The least expensive web hosting plan may not have the security or performance features important for you website. We all know that hacking is a huge problem and, yes,  even small sites get hacked. So, selecting a host that takes security seriously is very important!

On a more technical level, it is important that your host meet the minimum recommended requirements for WordPress.  As stated, not meeting the recommended standards can  expose your site to security vulnerabilities!  Not sure what all this means? The site has a sample letter  you can send to your web host.

Another feature to look for is free or inexpensive SSL certificates.  Please read “is your website  secure” to learn more about SSL.

What if your web host cannot or will not meet these requirements?  There are many web hosts that can!  Here is one web host that I recommend:

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