I had the opportunity to speak at WooConf 2016. My topic was building a single page website with WooCommerce. I discussed how I went about putting the site together using custom template along with actions and filters. I also presented the issues I ran into once I had to implement variable products.

Aside from my role as a speaker, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and learn how many shop owners run their e-commerce stores. It was great to hear  Steven Sashen describe running Xero Shoes and Heather Brunner of WP Engine talk about content and commerce.  And, while this may seem to be a boring subject, Sales Tax 101 proved both interesting and educational. Remembering the importance of marketing whether it is via SEO, Facebook ads or word of mouth was also stressed. In addition, there were more technical topics on security, payment processing and integrating SAP with WooCommerce.

WooConf definitely met its goal of “learn, develop, sell”.