WordPress 3.6 Image Issue

WordPress 3.6 Image Issue Example

I had some strange issues uploading or trying to regenerate images in #WordPress 3.6. My site is running on Dreamhost.  Sometimes, the various thumbnails would not resize properly during upload and they ended up with black patches at the bottom or a strange pattern on top. If I tried to use the regenerate thumbnail plugin I would see this error:

function () {if(l){var t=l.length;(function i(t){x.each(t,function(t,n){var r=x.type(n);"function"===r?e.unique&&p.has(n)||l.push(n):n&&n.length&&"string"!==r&&i(n)})})(arguments),n?o=l.length:r&&(s=t,c(r))}return this;}

After speaking with Dreamhost, I installed a plugin to force WordPress to use the GD library instead of Imagick. This completely resolved the issue. I am not familiar with image processing libraries so I can’t speak to the difference between the two.