Based interest from clients and recommendations from colleagues, I have started using WordPress 2.8 as a CMS. So far, I have found it pretty straight-forward to use and actually have a site under development at

I have manged to get the plugins I installed working and only struggled with the following situations:

  • WordPress sometimes adds extra tags that I don’t expect, even when I am working on the HTML side where I would think the html would be implemented as written.
  • While plugins helped me get the anchor text for wp-list-pages navigations set up the way I wanted, I struggled with getting the results not to be an actual link when you were on the page. What I mean is that if your were on a page called “about”, the navigation on that page should not have “about” as a link – it should appear just as text and indicate that you are on that page via CSS. I did solve the issue but it required some php code to implement. There may be a better approach but I don’t know what that is yet.