The Patricia Rovzar Gallery uses a custom WordPress theme which allows the gallery to maintain its current artists and exhibits.  The gallery updates its featured artists on a monthly basis. While the site handled the image updates easily, the gallery was struggling with correctly formatting the text on the home page. The situation is complicated by the fact that there may be one or two featured artists each month in addition to the need to change the focus depending on which artist is featured.  The initial attempt used <li> tags with classes from the style drop down. The tags often got overwritten by the visual editor and the client found the implementation cumbersome. To remedy this situation, we installed the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This plugin allowed us to separate out artists, exhibit dates and other information into separate fields which are easy for the gallery to maintain. Plus, the API provided by Advanced Custom Fields, gives us the ability to see how many artists there are for the current exhibit. This allows us to set CSS classes to control the format so the gallery owner does not need to worry about displaying the artists’ information.