It has taken me a while to get around to using a tool like Grunt to automate web development tasks. After all, I told myself, most of the tools can be done from with my usual development environment, Coda. However, I was keeping tasks like combining and minifying scripts to the end so I would not have to repeat the task too often. But repeat I did, so I finally started using Grunt.

What does using Grunt have to do with imposter syndrome? Well, one of the tasks I included was to minify my CSS. However, when I loaded the new minified file,  something was wrong. I noticed that the calc declaration was missing a parenthesis making the CSS for the selector invalid. Oh no, I thought, I must be doing something wrong. There can’t be anything wrong with the compression, it must be me!

Despite my fears of being exposed as an imposter, I got up the nerve to pursue filing an issue on github about my results, hoping I would not seem stupid or incompetent.

It turned out the minify routine indeed had a bug which was promptly fixed.  I was happy that I both conquered my fear of being an imposter and significantly improved my workflow.