Caching is usually a good idea. It speeds up your website, which so important.

But some items should not be cached, this usually includes shopping carts and as I have recently discovered, calendars.

The West Seattle Junction updated their calendar to add events for February 2015. However, when the edits were complete, there appeared to be two months of February, 2015.  One month was correct, the other completely wrong. Using the calendar navigation to switch months, the calendar seemed to behave as expected after the month initial switch was made.  I logged into the dashboard to try to figure this out. I noticed that while logged in, the calendar also behaved normally.  This made me think about the possibility of a caching plugin being the culprit. I checked this out and discovered that cached pages are not served up to logged in users, explaining why the calendar worked correctly after I logged in. Simply clearing the cache solved the problem for everyone but, of course, brought up that this page should not have been cached in the first place.

So, to cache or not to cache… it depends!