For a long time WordPress has thrived as an open source community. Its mission stated as democratizing publishing.

However, recent developments have made me wonder who or what we are supporting when we contribute.

If I install Jetpack or WooCommerce, I am required to connect with a account. Both Jetpack and Woocommerce are owned and maintained by Automattic and are commercial plugins. Upon connecting to Jetpack, I am prompted to purchase a plan. I can opt for free, but that is hidden below the paid options.

With WooCommerce, I am immediately prompted to view extensions, most of which require a purchase.

While, I have no issue with anyone making money from a business, I question who we are supporting as contributors? Are we just helping the open source community or are we aiding a commercial company?

As the lines between the open source side of WordPress and the commercial side blur, this is a decision that all of us in the community have to come to terms with.