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In an attempt to become more mobile friendly, I decided to try out WPTouch 2.0 Pro. At a cost of $29.00 for a single user, it seemed worth the price. One of the things that intrigued me the most was the ability to have the mobile site run in “Web-App” mode. This would mean aWPtouch See the full project…

Mobile Websites

With mobile becoming more and more important, many web designers and developers are creating websites specifically for this platform. However, many sites designed for the computer web browser display reasonable well on smart phones. As a user of an Android-based phone, one thing that always annoys me is that phone numbers on the sites areMobile Websites See the full project…

Going Mobile

Having tried and then given up working a .mobi site, I decided to try WordPress Mobile Pack. So far, its working quite well although I see I need a few for tweaks and optimizations.